About Us

Hi, my name is Jose Parra and I am the creator of KoolerQuest.

KoolerQuest is a mom and pop adventure accessory shop. Together with my wife and our five crazy sons, it is our goal to make accessories that will make your family’s adventures kooler!

As a family of seven, we have a lot of gear.  Being in charge of snack for our boys' sporting events used to involve several trips to and from the car with chairs, popups, gear bags, and yes, the ice chest. After a several trips to the car and back carrying all our gear I said "never again!" ​

At the time the only way to resolve this problem was to load a wagon or dolly in our minivan and use it to cart our stuff.  In my opinion I would have been lessening the issue but not really resolving it. The burden would shift to finding a way to store and transport the rigid wagon or dolly. So I started tinkering in my garage.

My goal was to make something that would give our ice chest four wheels and enable me to move all our gear in one trip, but still be lightweight and easy to clean and store.  I started picking through materials I had handy in my garage.  After some trial and error I had built a non-rigid system that I could strap onto my ice chest.  I was able to roll my ice chest over my lawn as well as up and down our front porch steps.

Since then I have re-thought, re-designed, and re-worked my system to the simplest form factor that is light in weight and easy to clean and store.

We are very proud to announce we have received a U.S. Utility Patent and can soon offer you the world’s first non-rigid cart. We call it the "KoolerQuest StrapKart".  Now you too can strap a load atop your ice chest and easily tote your gear to your sporting events, picnics, and other family adventures!